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Behind the scenes

Acts of God

Jonny Keeling
31 March 2008

What could possibly go wrong? I've spent the last three months organising a filming expedition to...

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Jonny and the lights in the cave

Cave disco

Jonny Keeling
25 March 2008

These past few weeks I've been obsessed by one question: how to light a large cave where there is...

How will Jonny light the cave in Papua New Guinea?

Lions hunting an elephant

Elephant memories

Jonny Keeling
28 February 2008

I recently watched Earth the movie. It was like flicking through an old photo album in the attic:...

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Natural inspiration

Jonny Keeling
21 February 2008

Would man have learned to fly if not inspired by birds? Today I cycled to work. I watched the...

How has nature inspired humans?

Jonny Keeling practising first aid on a mannequin

Jungle ER

Jonny Keeling
15 February 2008

Imagine you're filming in a remote location: the deep jungle, the high Arctic or in a vast, open...

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